Our Goal Is Your Vision



CES Medical Systems

CES is a FDA registered medical device outsourcing company that provides high-quality design, engineering and manufacturing services to medical device companies, helping to reduce capital costs and increase the product’s speed to market. Behind every successful computer product is a solid support team capable of providing everything from product expertise to emergency service. CES has delivered this kind of comprehensive support to corporations, medical centers, universities, and government agencies since 1972.

The value we provide our clients is evidenced by the lasting relationships we have developed. CES has provided a continuity of support to many accounts for over twenty years – and to most for more than seven. An organization’s effectiveness and ultimate success is dependent upon the quality and dedication of its staff members. Our record reflects the quality of service delivered and our degree of commitment. We have delivered and supported over 12,000 computer based systems to date.



Our Value Proposition

In order to transform a brilliant idea into a successful new medical device or medical systems product, a broad spectrum of specialized skills and resources are required. It is extremely unlikely that any single organization will have all the diverse resources and experience necessary to best accomplish all the tasks required. We believe it is essential that an organization recognizes its strengths and limitations and outsource tasks that are not in keeping with its core competencies. Utilizing our managed integration solution for high end medical devices our clients are able to focus on their core competencies.

Working as a team with each organization bearing responsibility for their specific areas of expertise will limit development time and costs, and speed the process of bringing a new product to market.

CES core competencies & support capabilities include:
• Design review
• Hardware selection and evaluation
• Prototype development
• Integration services
• Software testing
• Contract manufacturing
• Client branding
• Product stocking
• Delivery and installation services
• Post delivery service & repair
• 250+ service center locations
• FDA compliance



Services Include:

.•Design Review

•Software Testing and

•FDA Compliance 

•Prototype Development 

•Hardware Selection & Assembly 

•Contract Assembly 

•Production Manufacturing 

•Installation Services 

•Field Service Engineering Support 

•Maintenance & Upgrade Services